Wrapped Around My Finger At Nuru Massage Spa

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I this episode from Nuru Massage we have a ex couple, they are not together anymore but they have strong feelings for each other. In this case Molly makes him a deal : if she can give him a massage that will really blow his mind, the kind he’d been hearing she gives to all sorts of other guys, then he’ll help her out. They strip down in the massage parlor and soap up in the shower, Molly working up and down his shaft from behind while he fingers her wet tight pussy. After that they move over to the bath, where Molly gets her clit licked and her face banged before Damon slides his hard dick back and forth between Molly’s amazing huge tits. Now it is time for the real massage sex, and as Damon slides up and down and in Molly’s oiled up great body, he gets the dream massage he always wanted.
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