Nuru Massage Parlor and Awkward Auntie

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In this episode from Nuru Massage we have Jay uncles’ new wife Sarah Vandella. Our dude knocks on the Spa door and to Sarah’s surprise she sees her nephew. The busty blonde aunt asks him what he was doing here today where he states the obvious. Sarah clearly reminds him what type of massages works this was and was happy to refer him to any other one of masseuse. Our boy is adamant about having his aunt as a masseur so he pulls out money from his pocket in hopes she will change her mind. She resents the fact that he shows such disrespect considering they are family and that her tolerance is wearing thin. After this talking scene Jay knew after speaking to her boss that people have been complaining about her service, so she took that as a sign that he was somewhat bribing her. In the end she takes her nephew by the hand and promises him the massage of his life. Watch and find out what happened on this Nuru Massage scene !!!