Nuru Massage On The Couch

Feel divert your lips and start kissing the crotch, tender, passionate, intense. His hands still caressing her breasts with passion, taking the massage a step further, wrapping his fingers erect nipples keeping the sky, also slide up your neck, face and cheeks, caressing lips. Savor the smell of your own passion in his fingers as he slid his lips to the stomach, navel, stopping just before reaching the breasts, kissing the bottom of them. His hands, strong hands, stroking her hair, neck and back of the head. The skin crawls asses in public, runs a chill throughout the body. While he keeps kissing that soft and wonderful body and slowly up her lips, cling to your legs, your body does not want you to separate one iota, you want to feel like slides. He continues to enjoy the softness of your skin, it feels your body as you go spasms kisses. He feels your deep breath

ing, you continue feeling the warmth of her lips and tenderness of his touch. Every moment your breath between short more and more, to launch a faint moan coming out of your mouth ajar. You feel like your stomach is up to your crotch, daring sex he sticks to you and you move your hips to feel him the most stuck to you vulva.

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