Mom’s Day Job At Nuru Massage Spa

We love Nuru Massage, in this episode we have Jasmine Jae, a very sexy brunette with big tits and pretty face who receives her usual client Ryan Rider. The naughty babe invites him outdoor where she prepared his massage with a amazing and gorgous view of LA’s skyline. Jasmine quickly gets naked, showing her huge tits which the lucky dude is eager to touch. Lying down on the working bed, Jasmine smothers Ryan’s back with nuru gel, gliding her soft hands and busty chest up and down his bare back, with her unique skills. After this she focuses her lips on his, embracing one another in climax. Our boy gets horny and waits with anticipation for his full release massage, craving Jasmines lips on his huge dick. She release the stress with her beautiful sexy cock sucking and amazing vaginal nuru massage. All this ending with a hard nuru fucking and a cum release from his gorgeous hard cock.
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Nuru Massage Is The Reason We Got Married

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In this very hot episode from Nuru Massage, Vyxen Steel and Axel Aces head home wanting nothing more than to sleep in bed together. Vyxen is a very hot blonde with huge juggs who feels bad that her mother talks down to her husband, so she wanted to make it up to him. Watch here what the naughty couple purchased a Nuru Kit from Japan which they never tried and the sexy blonde thought this would be the amazing time to make it up to her husband for all the crap he had to take today. The dumb dude would try anything at this point to get away from reality. Watch this married couple engage in an amazing and erotic moment here on Nuru Massage !

Mommy Dearest Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage videos and pictures proves that if you ever get the opportunity to get a amazing oriental massage, then you need to jump on that shit as quick as you can. Because while it might be an everyday occurrence on this porn site, rarely ever happens in real life. When you go into a parlor and are immediately greeted by a busty nude babe who is just about begging for you to let her give you an exotic, sensual erotic nuru massage, then you have no choice but to take her up on her offer. Fortunately, for our porno viewing enjoyment this guy heeds my advice and jumps on that massage parlor pretty quickly. He goes back with this busty brunette babe RayVeness and let’s her work her magic. And by magic I mean she blows, jerks and bangs his dick until he is drained of every single drop of jizz he might have in his body. Check out this hot, and very slippery, Nuru Massage scene >>>

Nuru Massage Parlor and Awkward Auntie

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In this episode from Nuru Massage we have Jay uncles’ new wife Sarah Vandella. Our dude knocks on the Spa door and to Sarah’s surprise she sees her nephew. The busty blonde aunt asks him what he was doing here today where he states the obvious. Sarah clearly reminds him what type of massages works this was and was happy to refer him to any other one of masseuse. Our boy is adamant about having his aunt as a masseur so he pulls out money from his pocket in hopes she will change her mind. She resents the fact that he shows such disrespect considering they are family and that her tolerance is wearing thin. After this talking scene Jay knew after speaking to her boss that people have been complaining about her service, so she took that as a sign that he was somewhat bribing her. In the end she takes her nephew by the hand and promises him the massage of his life. Watch and find out what happened on this Nuru Massage scene !!!

Interracial Nuru Massage American Party

After his magical porno escapade with his trusted servant Chris Cock, our Prince Tyler Knight have prepare for the adventure of his life. He travel to America, on the land of all opportunities and experience the amazing Nuru Massage. Reaching their destination, they are welcomed by the exotic and beautiful Lea Lexisk, a very sexy brunette and attaining access through pure luck, the men sit anxiously waiting for their fantasy massage. Without Chris this time, Lea guides the prince to the shower, massaging his black hard well done chest and hard monster dong. After a nice licking and body rubbing she presents to him a golden seat, designed to stroke and blow on his giant dick. All sexual pleasure and more nuru massages here !

My Babysitter’s Cock At Nuru Massage

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In this very hot Nuru Massage Scene Pictures we have Jack Vegas who has the chance  to meet Samantha Rone, a teen delicious chcik with natural small tits that all grown up who he used to babysit, who’s now working at the Massage Parlor Spa. Our blonde hottie is very pleased to see Jack after all this time and always thought of Jack as a father figure. The amazing masseuse only wants to make sure that Jack is absolutely positive about he wants to proceed with the treatment with all things considered. The lucky boy is a regular client here so he is used to the routine, but is he really prepared to have his hard dick filling with the innocent teen hottie he used to babysit !
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Mistress Of The Nuru Gel

After a hard game Brad Knight was badly beaten up today at the match from the tackling and his body ached from the abuse of the hard sport. Our masseuse RayVeness from Nuru Massage Spa has a great idea to mend his injured body, asking him to meet her in the guest room. After walking into the room he notices the bed covered in plastic, confused about what to think, but he is quickly startled by his stepmom, pushing him onto the bed, and wasting no time getting him naked, promising him that this will be a surprise he will treated that way he will never forget. Veness rubs the nuru gel all over her stepson’s tired butt, and helps herself to some for her huge boobs, feeling so horny as each moment passes. She’s showing her expertise at the slippery body massage sliding all over her horny stepson’s body. He fast finds his huge dick deep inside his stepmom’s tight pussy, watching her use her amazing big breasts and butt to rub out every last drop of his cum after a big horny load.
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Wrapped Around My Finger At Nuru Massage Spa

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I this episode from Nuru Massage we have a ex couple, they are not together anymore but they have strong feelings for each other. In this case Molly makes him a deal : if she can give him a massage that will really blow his mind, the kind he’d been hearing she gives to all sorts of other guys, then he’ll help her out. They strip down in the massage parlor and soap up in the shower, Molly working up and down his shaft from behind while he fingers her wet tight pussy. After that they move over to the bath, where Molly gets her clit licked and her face banged before Damon slides his hard dick back and forth between Molly’s amazing huge tits. Now it is time for the real massage sex, and as Damon slides up and down and in Molly’s oiled up great body, he gets the dream massage he always wanted.
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Nuru Party Massage In America

OK…We have a special episode here at Nuru Massage Spa. We have a Prince and his loyal servant Adisas are in search for the elusive massage parlor, found deep in the secrets of their land. Adisas can not understand why they had toal wk instead of taking their royal plane to their destination, but the prince emphasized that if he were to get caught watching or engaging in any sex scenes. In the end making it to their journey’s end, both the prince and his servant are greeted by the Witch Doctor and proprietor of the Nuru Massage Parlor. His composure was nothing but friendly, guarded with spears and his female body guards, Skyler Nicole and Chanell Heart. They were only here to experience the amazing pleasures of Nuru Gel and two black goddess. Both ebony princesses remove the prince’s robe, showing them their way into the Nuru tub, bathing them in the clean crystal water. Each take their place on the nuru bed, and are covered in nuru gel, having each girl rub their naked bodies over them with exotic seduction until both rich amazing orgasms in the end.
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Taking A Ride On The Gunn In Threesome Nuru Massage Sex

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Rachael and Kleio hires Tommy Gunn for a hot threesome nuru massage but they are not impressed with his amateur massage and demands he dances instead. Tommy not being the dancing type tries to persuade the horny chicks to lay down so he can go ahead with the massage but this babes have another plan in mind. They tell the dude to apply the oil all over his chest. This naughty chicks don’t feel he’s doing it fast enough so they take charge of it and drench his body in oil and insist he take off all his clothes.Things definitely take a unexpected turn as they force Tommy on the mattress, rubbing their naked bodies on his. Now that this party is actually going somewhere, they tell Tommy to turn over to look at his hard cock. He tries to resist but having two smoking tattoo girls with very hot bodies attacking his cock is really exciting and ending with a hardcore threesome bang.
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